• Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
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Patriot 425 Compound Crossbow with Power Draw

Up to 425 fps

The Patriot 425 with Power Draw punches the bullseye between incredible value and powerful performance. This crossbow is perfect for those making the most of the season and hunters who can turn even the most well-traveled trails into a successful trip and a full freezer. Featuring the Whisper Silencing System, and 160 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, your prey won't see what's coming.

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  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw
  • Patriot 425 with Power Draw

Product Details

  • Equipped with a lightweight, compact Power Draw
  • 425 foot-per-second speed and 160 foot-pounds of energy power
  • 15.75” wide un-cocked or 12” ready to fire
  • Whisper Silencing System™
  • 4x32mm scope, three 20” 400-grain carbon arrows with field points, detachable quiver
  • Ball bearing retention spring
  • Full bearing cam system
  • Adjustable stock and foregrip
  • Oversized finger guards
  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety


Patriot 425 Compound Crossbow with Power Draw
Velocity Up to 425 fps
Kinetic Energy 160 ft-lbs
Width (axle-to-axle) Cocked 12" AXLE - AXLE
Width (axle-to-axle) Uncocked 15.75" AXLE - AXLE
Draw Weight 200 lbs
Power Stroke 14.50 in
Weight 7.8 lbs
Product Length 35.8 in
String Length 35.11 in
Overall Length 35.8 in
SKU C0005

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great bow for the money
matthew - 03/11/22

great bow- picked it up at Walmart

really fast
Tom - 03/21/22

this bow i picked up yesterday - shoots really fast

good bow
Cross - 04/23/22

got this bow for my grandpa- he loves it - works great

got for my birthday
Brooklyn - 05/01/22

I got this bow for my birthday - could not be more happy with it

very nice crossbow
dominic - 05/20/22

this bow is very nice, i spent less than $400 and it work great, very fast

great all around bow
Ed - 06/06/22

this bow is great-

cool bow for the money
Rob - 06/07/22

easy to use and is very fast and straight, for under $400

great - cool- bow
Jeff - 06/11/22

great bow, nicely equipped, comes with everything

never purchased a bow from Walmart before
Jackson - 06/17/22

Never purchased a bow from Walmart before, but i have to say this is really well made.

got for this hunting season
Joe - 06/22/22

first time using a crossbow to hunt- very easy to use - 5 stars

New to hunting
Adam - 06/25/22

I'm new to hunting with a crossbow, but this is easy to use - happy with the purchase

long time hunter
Ed - 07/11/22

I'm was a long time bow hunter and recently switched to a crossbow - this bow is very nice and extremely fast.

great overall bow
Kevin - 07/12/22

just really nice

very happy
John - 08/04/22

very nice bow for the money- only paid $400.00 comes with everything

super excited
Mike - 08/05/22

shoots great, very fast, easy to put together

love it
Art - 08/22/22

great bow, love the color, works awesome

great purchase
Ben - 09/09/22

first bow and it works great

good bow
Johnny - 09/13/22

really nice bow, easy to use and shoots fast

first bow
Robin - 09/20/22

this is my first bow and i really like it, easy to use and very fast and powerful, comes with everything

nice bow
Scott - 09/21/22

comes with everything, easy to site in and use, very happy

cool bow
Eric - 09/26/22

every cool- easy to use and i got my first buck with it.

got a big one with it
Patrick - 10/19/22

Overall this is a great bow- I think everything about it

first CenterPoint bow
Ken - 10/24/22

This is my first CenterPoint bow and i really like it, I had others before, but this one checks all the boxes.

Speed and elegance
Jacoby M - 10/25/22

Took this bad boy out this season and got numbers kills with the fam. It's got great speed and really well built. I would recommend it.

Wooo doggy. This thing is good.
Jason Mack - 11/02/22

Replaced on old crossbow with this bad boy. Amazing. The design is great, but the performance is everything. Very light-weight and great speed, considering it's only 8 pounds. Thanks center point....I love it!

Patriot 425
Robert A Nicolazzo - 11/03/22

Shoots quick and quietly. At 70 yards I'm hitting an inch high. Can't wait to hit a deer with it.

Patriot 425 compound crossbow
Christopher Newquest - 11/01/22

So the only reason I’m not giving this patriot 425 crossbow all 5 stars is because it’s my first and only crossbow ever. So far it’s amazing just my opinion. Light to carry around with it only weighing 8 pounds. Came with a decent scope. Not the best scope, but pretty accurate so far for what I’ve needed to for. Bought a extra scope thinking the one that came with it was going to be a little off, but turns out the scope I paid extra for at another website wasn’t nothing what I thought it was going to be and the scope with the patriot 425 crossbow turned out way better for me personally. I’ve always wanted a crossbow and everytime I go into bass pro shops, or any hunting store the crossbows always caught my eye. Just never could afford the ones at cabelas, or bass pro. Came across the patriot 425 crossbow and it’s affordable, comes with a scope, 3 arrows, arrow case that can be mounted or unmounted to crossbow within seconds. So the only problem I could find or had issues with is the cable winder you hook close to the butt stock of the gun back down to the draw cable. I was setting my scope up, and maybe shoot 5-8 shoots at my target and that 8 or 9th time winding that cable up with the cable tension pulley they sent just snapped and went into pieces. Kinda scary for a minute when your not expecting something to snap and break 8 times of using it. Other than that I love the crossbow. It’s my first one so far and plan on getting more. I’m sure there are better ones out there, but for the price and maybe giving it as a gift or a start up bow would be an amazing gift or a bow to take riding in the woods for target practice. Like I said always been intrigued with crossbows and wish I could have more but for this being my first one I absolutely love it besides the piece that snapped and broke on me. So far from what I know about crossbows which isn’t much at all is that patriot 425 is lightweight, easy to assemble, comes with 3 arrows and a arrow holder. Can be mounted or unmounted in literally 1 minute. It doesn’t bother me but my younger brother age 15 trying to get into hunting doesn’t like the arrow holder or arrows attached to bottom of crossbow. Says it’s in his way, but not sure hours other crossbows work but if the arrows or holder get in your way or you just don’t like it’s there while shooting. It’s literally a switch that snaps over and you can pull the whole mechanism off within 10-15 seconds so super easy to work with. Had the bow for about 2 weeks now and only been practicing on targets in my backyard and not hunting yet. But so far I enjoy and love it especially for the price it’s well worth it to me just my opinion.


Patriot 425 Compound Crossbow with Power Draw