Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information
Where is the serial number located on my crossbow?

The serial number is located on the stock below the string latch.

How do I properly sight in my CenterPoint crossbow?
  1. Once you have your scope properly mounted on your bow, start at 10 yards to make sure you are on target and make adjustments with your vertical and horizontal adjustment turrets to zero the bow.
  2. Next, back up to 20 yards and do the same.
  3. Back up to 50 yards and zero the bow in here to where you are confident.
  4. After this has been done, come back up to 20 yards to calibrate your bow for the rest of your reticles. At this point you want to focus on using just your speed dial for vertical adjustment of all your reticles out to 100 yards.
  5. Take a shot at 20 yards with your 20 yard reticle. If you hit high you will need to turn your speed dial slightly down to a lower number until you hit exactly what you are aiming at. If you hit low, you will need to turn your speed dial to a slightly higher number until you hit exactly what you are aiming at. Upon doing this the rest of your reticles will be set out to 100 yards.
How long can I keep my crossbow cocked?

It is safe to keep your crossbow cocked while you are hunting in a stationary position. For personal safety reasons, do not stalk or walk to or from your hunting location with your CenterPoint Archery crossbow cocked. Do not keep your crossbow cocked for more than about 8 hours.

How come my crossbow will not cock?

Refer to owner's manual for proper cocking procedures. If you still run into issues contact our customer service team at 1-866-726-1122.

Do slings come included with my CenterPoint Archery crossbow?

No they do not. However all CenterPoint Archery crossbows do have connection points to mount a sling of your choice.

How far can I shoot with my crossbow?

The effective range of your crossbow depends on your shooting ability. Today’s high powered crossbows have an effective range in the neighborhood of 50 yards, but not everyone has the ability to be accurate at that distance. With the average North American whitetail deer habitat, most kill shots are taken at 20 yards or less. If you are an average shooter, you should probably not take a shot beyond 35 to 40 yards. Practice often to determine your most accurate shooting range.

Are crossbows comparable to compound bows or; do they have the knock-down power of a firearm or shoot as flat as a black powder rifle?

Comparison tests have proven that there is a negligible ballistic difference between compound bows and crossbows. These tests disprove the groundless claims that crossbows perform like firearms. Crossbows typically start losing velocity and energy at 30 yards compared to a black powder rifle which begins to lose velocity and energy at 100 yards or more.

Where can I get my CenterPoint product serviced?

Contact our CenterPoint customer service team at 1-866-726-1122 for help with locating a service station or contact your favorite local archery shop.

Do I use rail lube or wax?

We recommend using the provided rail lube every 12-15 shots. For further instructions see your owner's manual.

How long should strings last, when should I change my bow string?

We recommend changing the strings and cables about every two years or 400 shots, whichever occurs first. The string life can vary depending on the care and maintenance, a number of shots, and weather conditions during use.

How do I change my strings and cables?

Once your crossbow needs to have string and cables replaced we would recommend taking it to your local archery shop. Certified CenterPoint Archery strings and cables must be used or warranty will be voided.

Do after-market strings and cables void my warranty?

Yes, use of aftermarket strings and cables will void your warranty.

I just purchased a CenterPoint Archery crossbow, should I loosen or let down the tension on my limbs in the off season to prevent my string & cables from stretching?

CenterPoint Archery does not promote loosening or letting down the tension on limbs in the off season. There is no way to let off enough tension on your string & cables to keep them from stretching. Also, you can end up doing damage to your limbs if not properly tightened before shooting.


General Information
Why should I register my bow?

Product registration is for your safety, convenience and activates your warranty. Unless you register your product we will be unable to send you important updates about your CenterPoint Archery product.

What is the warranty on my CenterPoint crossbow?

New CenterPoint Archery Crossbows are covered under a five-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the stock, trigger and cocking mechanism, and limb assembly when used normally in accordance with CenterPoint Archery’s published instructions and guidelines. Our liability extends to parts, labor, and return transportation to the customer and is non-transferable. This limited warranty does not cover strings, cables, scopes, arrows, transportation of product to our service center, damage caused by abuse, dry firing, using arrows other than the CenterPoint Archery-branded arrows recommended for your crossbow, failure to follow safety advice and usage instructions in the manual, modification or failure to perform normal maintenance, or any other expenses or damage to property or person. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Arrows and Bolts Information
What type of arrows and nocks should I use with my CenterPoint crossbow?

Use only the arrows and half-moon nocks recommended in your owner's manual.

How do I position my arrow?

You want to nock your arrow on your CenterPoint Archery crossbow with the white fletching pointing straight down.

Can my arrows be re-fletched? What are the re-fletching specifications?

Yes, your arrows can be re-fletched with a 1 degree off-set.

What do you recommend for broadheads and targets?

Both fixed and expandable broadheads will work out of your CenterPoint, however, we recommend using an expandable broadhead for best accuracy down range. Also, make sure that when selecting a broadhead that it is rated for crossbows.

How much should my finished arrow weigh?

CenterPoint Archery provides arrows that are 400-grains finished weight with field point.