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  • DEADPOINT™ Broadhead
  • DEADPOINT™ Broadhead in packaging

DEADPOINT™ Broadhead


100-Grain, Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

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  • DEADPOINT™ Broadhead
  • DEADPOINT™ Broadhead in packaging

Product Details

New for 2021! DEADPOINT Broadheads by CenterPoint are a classic, mechanical crossbow broadhead that hunters can rely on as their new go-to. Designed to deploy for maximum lethal impact, the DEADPOINT Broadheads are 2 blades, 100-grain broadheads that have a slim profile during flight, and deploy to a 2-inch cutting diameter. Take your best shot with CenterPoint Archery.

  • Three 100-grain crossbow broadheads
  • Razor-sharp blades automatically deploy on impact for exceptional penetration
  • Field point accuracy makes the most of each shot and helps you fill your freezer
  • 6061 T6 aluminum Ferrul
  • 420 stainless steel .035 blades


DEADPOINT™ Broadhead

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DEADPOINT™ Broadhead