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DEADPOINT™ Broadhead


100-Grain, Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

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Product Details

DEADPOINTTM Broadheads by CenterPoint are mechanical crossbow broadheads that hunters can rely on as their new go-to for ethical killshots.

Designed specifically for high-energy modern crossbows, these are 2-blade, 100-grain mechanical broadheads that maintain a slim profile during flight, before deploying to a 2-inch cutting diameter upon connection with their target. Razor sharp and lightning quick, the DEADPOINT Broadhead delivers maximum lethal impact every time.

Take your best shot today.

100 Grain Crossbow Broadheads

It’s time to claim your trophy. CenterPoint’s mechanical broadhead for crossbows combine the strength of fixed broadheads with the accuracy and precision of field points.

They offer sturdy, streamlined flight to diminish drag and increase penetration. Upon impact, two razor-sharp stainless steel blades automatically deploy to maximize damage. DEADPOINT Crossbow Broadheads were designed by fellow archers and hunters. Your order gets you:

  • Three 100-grain Crossbow BroadheadsDesigned for field-point accuracy that makes the most of each shot.
  • Two .035” 420 Stainless Steel BladesMade of tough stainless steel for high-resistance and razor-sharp slicing, the two DEADPOINT blades are engineered not to deploy before they connect with their intended target — but to maximize lethal damage when they do. This is true regardless of the speed at which your high-performance crossbow shoots.
  • 2” Cutting Diameter, Rear-Deploying DesignWhen our mechanical crossbow broadhead strikes your target, the blades swing open automatically and explosively, a full 2” in diameter. Simple, reliable, and effective.
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum FerruleTo balance strength and weight, our crossbow broadhead utilizes an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule that is durable and deadly, especially when partnered with the sharp steel of the blades.


DEADPOINT™ Broadhead

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DEADPOINT™ Broadhead