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Recurve Hunting Bow

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Product Details

The CenterPoint Aspen takedown recurve bow features a laminated riser made from African cherry, rosewood, white oak, maple, and greenwood that employs a modern limb-pocket design for flawless beauty with maximum strength. The limbs are crafted from durable hard maple and fiberglass.

This wooden recurve bow boasts an impressive 45-pound draw weight, 29-in. draw length, and 7.25-8.25-in. brace height. Add to that a stringer, finger tab, nock set, and arrow rest, and you’re all set to shoot.

Take your best shot today.

Aspen Takedown Recurve Bow

The ideal self-reliant hunting bow for sharpshooters and survivalists, wooden recurve bows have been used for thousands of years. Connect with your primal roots with the Aspen, a truly formidable takedown recurve bow crafted from five types of exquisite wood plus fiberglass and expertly engineered for speed and precision. To top it off, we threw in all the essentials a bowhunter needs as well, to get you prepped and back on the field as soon as possible.

Specifications include:

  • 45-Pound Draw Weight and 29-Inch Draw LengthBuilt for accuracy, the Aspen packs a serious punch — the perfect choice for a bowhunter.
  • 7.25-8.25 Brace Height and 58.07-inch black stringLong and elegant with a comfortable brace height.
  • Laminated Riser for Maximum StrengthMade from a stunning blend of African cherry, rosewood, white oak, maple, and green wood.
  • Modern Limb Pockets for Maximum StabilityEasy to assemble and hard to beat.
  • Hard Maple and Fiberglass LimbsBlending wood and fiberglass provides long-lasting durability
  • Full Recurve Kit Includes:Aspen takedown recurve bow
    Finger Tab
    Rest and Nock Set
  • Right Handed OnlyWhile this is a right-handed recurve bow, left-handed archers can still use our high-speed crossbows, which are all ambidextrous. And for the younger archers out there, check out our youth bows — perfect for passing on the love of the sport.



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