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  • Aspen - 2020
  • Aspen - 2020

Aspen Recurve Hunting Bow


The CenterPoint Aspen Take Down Recurve Bow features an African cherry, rosewood, white oak, maple, and greenwood laminated riser with a modern limb-pocket design for maximum strength and flawless beauty, durable hard maple and fiberglass limbs, 45-pound draw weight, 58.07-inch black string providing a 29-inch draw length, and a comfortable 7.25-8.25-inch brace height. Also comes with a stringer, finger tab, nock set, and arrow rest. Everything you need to get in the field and throw some arrows!

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  • Aspen - 2020
  • Aspen - 2020

Product Details

  • LAMINATED RISER FOR MAXIMUM STRENGTH – Beautiful African cherry, rosewood, white oak, maple and green wood
  • HARD MAPLE AND FIBERGLASS LIMBS – Provides long-lasting durability
  • MODERN LIMB POCKETS – For easy assembly
  • 7.25 to 8.25 BRACE HEIGHT – Draw-length 29-inches
  • KIT ALSO INCLUDES – Stringer, finger tab, rest and nock set (arrows not included)
  • Right handed only


Aspen Recurve Hunting Bow

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Aspen Recurve Hunting Bow