Arrow / Bolt Safety

CenterPoint Archery is committed to safe shooting practices. Hunting with arrows/bolts requires caution at all times to avoid personal injury, death or property damage. Arrows/bolts should always be inspected before each use for signs of damage. Impact with hard objects, other arrows/bolts or being shot into a game animal can all cause damage.

To err on the side of caution is always the best course of action. Crosman is committed to safe shooting. Use good judgment in determining whether or not something is unsafe, incorrect, or there is a possibility of harm.

Inspect carbon arrows/bolts for damage prior to every shot

Impact with hard objects, other arrows/bolts or being shot into a game animal can all cause damage. Crosman recommends flexing each arrow/bolt and inspecting for any sign of cracks or splits before each use. Grasp the arrow firmly with both hands between the point and nock or bushing (on AIRBOW arrows only). Gently, twist, flex and squeeze the shaft and listen for cracking.

When hunting, the possibility of arrow/bolt damage increases significantly. This is due to the high likelihood of the arrow/bolt impacting various things (roots, trees, fences, posts, rocks, hard ground, bone, etc.), possible misuse (improper maintenance, abuse, or care), impact with other arrows/bolts, or the angle in which it impacts/passes through an animal. Damage to the arrow/bolt can result in sharp and/or splintered carbon fragments which are harmful to humans, especially if ingested. If there is ANY suspected carbon arrow/bolt damage please utilize the guidelines listed below:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the entrance wound, exit wound, and surrounding area prior to removing the carbon arrow/bolt in order to determine whether or not there are splinters/fragments imbedded in the game animal.
  2. Use extreme caution when removing the broken segments of the carbon arrow/bolt shaft.
  3. While field dressing game animals, use care to avoid splinters/fragments of carbon fiber.
  4. Carefully remove and dispose of any flesh that has the presence or suspected presence of carbon fiber splinters or fragments.
Crossbow safety warning: use only bolts designed for use with crossbows

See crossbow safety page for safety guidelines