• Wrath 430X silent crank
  • Wrath 430X folding stock
  • Wrath 430X angled right
  • Wrath 430X angled left
  • Wrath 430X profile right
  • Wrath 430X profile left
  • Wrath 430X away angled right
  • Wrath 430X away angled left
  • Wrath 430X topdown view

Wrath 430X Compound Crossbow

Up to 430 fps

The Wrath 430X combines speed and compactness to offer the most revolutionary crossbow from CenterPoint yet. Shooting 430 feet per second, the new Wrath 430X has an inverted cam design that delivers up to 164 foot pounds of kinetic energy, with devastating impact. At a slim 9 inches axle-to-axle when fully cocked and a folding stock and stirrup, the Wrath 430X is one of the most compact crossbows on the market.

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  • Wrath 430X silent crank
  • Wrath 430X folding stock
  • Wrath 430X angled right
  • Wrath 430X angled left
  • Wrath 430X profile right
  • Wrath 430X profile left
  • Wrath 430X away angled right
  • Wrath 430X away angled left
  • Wrath 430X topdown view

Product Details

  • Full bearing cam system produces smoother operation and increased speeds
  • 430 FPS
  • 9" cocked 13" un-cocked
  • Folding stock and folding stirrup that doubles as a stable bipod with 3-stage locking
  • CNC-machined aluminum rails for durability
  • Ball bearing retention spring keeps arrows in place
  • Full accessory package4x32 illuminated scope
    (3) 20" .003 arrows
    Parallel quiver
    Silent cranking device
    Rail lube


Wrath 430X Compound Crossbow
Velocity Up to 430 fps
Width (axle-to-axle) Cocked 9.00 in
Width (axle-to-axle) Uncocked 13.00 in
Draw Weight 200 lbs
Power Stroke 15.00 in
Weight 9 lbs
Product Length 32 in
String Length 33.78 in
Overall Length 32 in
SKU C0007

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Gotta Like It!
Richard A Johnson - 02/23/22

Time will tell, but this Wrath 430 may be the best CenterPoint product I've owned, and I've owned some of their best (Sniper, Spectre, Amped, Pulse). The size is key to my purchase. It's not too small nor hyper narrow, but right in the sweet spot. The trigger is the best out of CenterPoint yet and the folding stirrup is amazingly good. I hunt in blinds and climbers where space is very important and had this xbow on most of my hunts this year. It's the best xbow fit so far. I've shoot it out to 50+ and accuracy is very good. Six animals taken with no misses. After 6 months of ownership and first hand experience with it in the woods, it's a keeper.

Awesome bow!!!
Nick - 07/31/22

This is a great bow I purchased this bow about a week ago and within an hour of fine tuning it be myself which I am in no means a professional. I managed to hit a good ol Robin Hood which is a first for me, this bow is an absolute tack driver and it’s an amazing choice for someone looking to not break the bank but get a great bow.

Great Crossbow!
Brandon Scott - 08/15/22

For the price, you can't go wrong with this option. I have taken several animals with it and plan on using it more in the future! It's compact size gives it a great advantage over other models. With ease of use, reliability, and accuracy at further distances, this is a great choice if you're looking for a crossbow.

Chris - 10/07/22

Buying crossbows now seems like risky business. I bought another brand last year and had a limb start splitting 1st time I drew it. I can say that around 100 shots in with this wrath 430x that I'm happy. The strings have no signs of wear, no servings are separating or anything. I shoot the centerpoint bolts with 125gn up front..the foc on them, even with the 100gns is really impressive. Even shooting 425gns the scope hits quarters out to 50yds even with broadheads. The scope is one of the better package scopes I've seen..love the circle recticles. The ata width is very comfortable in the woods.. been lugging it around for a month so far. I usually second guess most my bow purchases but I'm very content with this one.

Love this Bow!!!
Michael Matteini - 10/26/22

2nd time I tried to leave a review. This Bow is Bad-A$$!!! Only problem is Customer Service is very poor. I have an isse and after 2 phone calls and an hour and half on hold, I still have not gotten through to anyone. I've also sent in emails via their Customer Service email, I did receive an auto reply but again have not heard back form them. It's been 10 days now! I have 2 tickets in (1166062875 anbd 1178823730..

Wrath 430x
Brian - 11/13/22

I have been shooting this bow for three months now, i like how narrow it is when cocked and the length of the bow also, I have shot it quite a bit and found out it has a drop off at 70 yards up to that it is a real good shooting bow.

Great bow
Geno Stello - 11/24/22

Bow is absolute tack driver, folding stirrup is huge the bow is a bit on the heavy side but I'm very happy with the performance and price.


Wrath 430X Compound Crossbow