• Typhon Bowfishing Kit - 2020
  • Typhon Bowfishing Kit - 2020
  • Typhon Bowfishing Kit - 2020

Typhon™ Bowfishing Package


The rapidly growing sport of bowfishing allows you to combine the experience of bowhunting with the thrill of fishing. The CenterPoint® Typhon™ bow is the perfect package for beginners and experienced bowfishers alike to enjoy the sport. Featuring adjustable draw weights ranging from 15-55 pounds for quick, comfortable shots, adjustable draw lengths from 19-29 inches, a 28-inch axle-to-axle length with 7-inch brace height for maneuverability either from shore or on a boat. The Typhon comes with a spin-cast reel that is adjustable for your preference of left or right handed retrieve with a double locking aluminum reel seat, 100-pound test Dyneema® line, 33-inch fiberglass arrow with quick-release carp tip, Cajun™ ACS slide system, a Whisker Biscuit™ with durable aluminum casing and a set of rubberized finger savers for a sure grip on the string. This high-quality package with top-of-the-line components is everything you need to bring in your catch.

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  • Typhon Bowfishing Kit - 2020
  • Typhon Bowfishing Kit - 2020
  • Typhon Bowfishing Kit - 2020

Product Details

  • Fully-assembled bowfishing package with 100-pound test Dynema line
  • Adjustable draw weights and draw lengths to fit most users, no bow press needed
  • Featuring an adjustable spin-cast reel for left or right handed retrieve and double-locking aluminum reel seat
  • Durable aluminum Whisker Biscuit™ bowfishing arrow rest
  • 33-inch fiberglass arrow with quick release carp point and Cajun™ ACS slide system
  • Rubberized finger savers for a positive slip-free grip on the string


Typhon™ Bowfishing Package
Draw Weight 15 - 55 lbs
Weight 3.3 lbs
Draw Length 19 -29 inches

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Tons of fun!
HunterJoe - 04/11/21

Got this bow to join some off season fun while keeping my bow hunting skills strong. What a great bow! Went out with some friends and they were so impressed by how fast the bow is. Great camo pattern too and just an all around great package deal.

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Typhon™ Bowfishing Package