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  • CenterPoint Tatanka
  • CenterPoint Tatanka

Tatanka™ Youth Recurve Bow


New for 2021! The all-new CenterPoint Tatanka bow is ideal for a pre-teen, intermediate, or a smaller framed youth archer. With a low draw weight of 26-pounds, the young archer can build confidence, skills, and proficiency in practicing target shooting.

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  • CenterPoint Tatanka
  • CenterPoint Tatanka

Product Details

  • Ideal for pre-teen, intermediate or small framed youth archers
  • Up to 26-pound draw weight, and 31-inch draw length
  • 7.25-7.75-inch brace height and 60-inches tip-to-tip
  • Ambidextrous riser and extreme durability
  • Includes nock point, arrow rest and bow string


Tatanka™ Youth Recurve Bow

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Tatanka™ Youth Recurve Bow