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Power Draw, Rope Cocking Device (Model: AXCCRANK)

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Product Details

The CenterPoint Archery Power Draw Rope Crank Device is designed exclusively for CenterPoint Archery crossbows. Featuring an ambidextrous design and advanced mounting system that is quick and easy to attach, the Power Draw reduces crossbow draw weight by up to 70% making it a must-have in the field or on the range.

Fits Most CenterPoint Crossbows with mil-spec buffer tube.

  • Designed Exclusively For CenterPoint Crossbows
  • Ambidextrous Design For Right Or Left-Handed Users
  • Unique Mounting System Attaches Easily To The Crossbow
  • Up To 70% Reduction In Draw Weight - Easy To Use In The Field


Power Draw

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Centerpoint Archery Power Draw, Bought May 6th, 2021 from Cabela's
Joe Sieber - 05/09/21

For the money, Excellent. Robust and well made. Works smoothly and has excellent gear-to-pull/weight reduction. Takes less than 12 pounds of hand effort to crank it. My only concern is that after only four (4) shots, the Part# 12, Rope/Cable began to fray. I tried to contact Center Point Archery on their posted email address, (centerpointarchery.com) but the computer could not find it as an active email address. It comes with a Five (5) year warranty, That will be a lot of Part #12, Rope/Cable replacement parts at about four shots between replacements. Might want to up engineer Part #12 Rope/Cable to last say,.. 100 times longer, for 400 shots between replacement of Part # 12 Rope/Cable. Just my opinion. It might be a nasty event if Part # 12 Rope/Cable on the Power Draw were to separate under pressure. Other than that It was easy to use, worked well, mouinted easily and even looks good! I particularly like the Part #8 "String Sled". Very nice indeed! Catches the Cross Bow Draw String every time!

Nice unit
Dave Williams - 09/29/21

I've been using since buying my Dagger 390. Have used for 21 shots so far while sighting in, I haven't noticed any wear on the cables yet. I did have to remove the wheels on the sled and redo the cable to get the winding correct. It came with twisted cables. Other then that great product and would recommend.

worked great
Hillary Palmer - 10/11/21

the power draw works great but I do have a frayed string, my fault got behind anti dry fire other morning using in the dark and frayed the string past what I feel is safe to use, and now I am not using it till I get contacted on how to replace it /where to buy a new string ?? , it works smoothly and easy on and off and turned cocking my crossbow into a easy job even though the supplied rope cocker works smoothly after a few shots my old shoulder gets to ache so needed this device . only thing I need now is a string to get back to hunting !!

new string
Hillary Palmer - 10/15/21

adding to my review... I ordered 700lb Kevlar braided string 2.1mm (KT5724) Emma kites, to replace my damaged cord after waiting on a reply and not getting, it worked perfectly and got enough for several replacements just in case! now back to hunting...

Crank works very well
John - 01/18/22

I got this crank because I had just had my hand operated on and didn’t want to split my stitches. Excellent controlled pull compared to the string and pulleys that came with my sniper crossbow. I suggest that the strings should be tied on the outside of the spools so there is no possibility of catching the knots on the string ends on the inner lines. I turned the left spool around to do this, but haven’t done the right side because I would have to drill a small hole in the spool and also the existing holes are needed for the crank handle. Anyway a great cranking device. A good thorough training video would be helpful. Best place to store crank is on the bow, with a very slight tension on bow string.


Power Draw