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  • Elkhorn - 2020
  • Elkhorn - 2020

Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow


The CenterPoint Elkhorn is an easy to use compound bow ideal for pre-teen, intermediate, or smaller framed youth archers. With a low draw weight of 15-pounds and 65% let-off, young archers can build confidence, skills, and proficiency to their target shooting practice

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  • Elkhorn - 2020
  • Elkhorn - 2020

Product Details

  • Ideal for pre-teen, intermediate or small framed youth archers
  • Up to 15-pound draw weight, and 26-inch draw length
  • 8-inch brace height and 33-inches tip-to-tip
  • 65% let-off for ease of draw and steady aiming
  • Includes two 26-inch fiberglass arrows, two-piece quiver, an adjustable pin sight, armguard and finger tabs


Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow
Weight 3.3

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Elkhorn Youth Compound Bow