• Dagger 405 away angle left
  • Dagger 405 angled left
  • Dagger 405 away angle right
  • Dagger 405 angled right
  • Dagger 405 profile right facing
  • Dagger 405 profile left facing
  • Dagger 405 topdown view

Dagger™ 405 Compound Crossbow

Up to 405 fps

The new Dagger 405 takes the evolution of performance even further for CenterPoint. Complete with an adjustable butt pad, the Dagger 405 proves to be an ergonomic fit for hunters and shooters. Between the ripping speeds of 405 feet per second, and the features from the Whisper Silencing System, the game won’t know what’s coming.

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  • Dagger 405 away angle left
  • Dagger 405 angled left
  • Dagger 405 away angle right
  • Dagger 405 angled right
  • Dagger 405 profile right facing
  • Dagger 405 profile left facing
  • Dagger 405 topdown view

Product Details

  • Whisper Silencing System includes string stops, limb dampeners and string silencers for ultimate noise reduction and vibration control.
  • 15" axle-to-axle when fully cocked
  • CNC machined aluminum rail and cam system
  • Ball bearing retention spring keeps bolts in place
  • 220 LB draw weight
  • Full accessory package4x32 illuminated scope
    (3) 20" .003 arrows
    Parallel quiver
    Rope cocker
    Rail lube


Dagger™ 405 Compound Crossbow
Velocity Up to 405 fps
Width (axle-to-axle) Cocked 14.75 in
Width (axle-to-axle) Uncocked 18.75 in
Power Stroke 14.50 in
Weight 7.27 lbs
Product Length 33.5 in
String Length 34.50 in
Overall Length 33.5 in
SKU C0001

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Amazing crossbow ever!
John Lewis - 04/26/22

This crossbow is with amazing quality! Centerpoint is always being a leader of archery! Also love the green color, make the crossbow looks so stylish like an art piece

Dagger 405
Joe Emerson - 10/17/22

The bow is built well and shoot great. I would recommend but as for customer service I would give it a 1 star. I was on hold for over and hour and no one ever assisted me. I finally hung up after figuring out what my problem was. The bow is a good deal.

Great crossbow
Jeremy - 10/27/22

This crossbow is amazing! Fast and accurate. The scope does NOT go with this crossbow. The crosshairs are extremely to far apart for as fast as the bow is. 0 the top cross to 20 yards. That first cross hair is now where your point of impact is all the way out to 38 yards! Put the next cross hair down on the target and step back to 30 yards, congrats you just shot 2-2.5 inches too high. CENTERPOINT plz equip this amazing bow with a scope that actually works for it!

awesome bow
matt - 10/28/22

great bow love it

great bow for the dollars
Larry - 08/25/22

I love this bow - very fast and easy to use

bought for my dad
Rhonda - 09/04/22

I purchased for my Dad, he loves everything about it

not my first bow
Katie - 09/06/22

Centerpoint is the best value on the market today

great bow shoots great
Tom - 09/08/22

easy to use, great overall bow

great overall bow
Henry - 09/11/22

this bow is great- super easy to use, great fell

Centerpoint rocks
Brandon - 09/13/22

love it bow, shoots fast and straight

great fast bow
Tucker - 09/22/22

this is a great value bow- why better than most

great overall bow
Earl - 09/23/22

I really like this bow, it is my second bow from CenterPoint

nice bow
Marc - 09/28/22

I have been hunting for a long time now, and this bow is great for close or long range shots.

great value
Roland - 09/30/22

This is my first bow and it is really nice, everything came with it.

got for my birthday
Tammy - 10/05/22

Got this bow for my birthday and i'm in love with it. Shoots great and straight

very happy
Chad - 10/12/22

I'm very happy with my purchase, i have had other bows but this one is really nice

great bow for the money
Jeff - 10/15/22

first bow I purchased from Walmart and its really good- easy to use

good bow at Walmart
Mark - 10/21/22

I purchased this bow at WM and its really good

i like it alot
Ryan - 10/23/22

really nice bow, shoots fast and straight, easy to put together

awesome bow
Tom - 10/27/22

this bow is great and not too expensive, good value

good bow
Henry - 11/01/22

good bow- really nice

Dagger 405
Jp - 12/14/22

Bought the Dagger 405 for archery season this fall 2023. Sighted it in easily. Very fast bow. For the price, this bow is great. Give it a 4 star rating for quality due to only firing about 20 arrows from it and the string started to fray where the string release sits while cocked. Will most likely replace the string now. Other than that issue I do like the bow.


Dagger™ 405 Compound Crossbow