• CP400™ Select Carbon Crossbow arrow
  • CP400™ Select Carbon Crossbow Arrows - 6pk

CP400™ Select Carbon Arrows - 6pk

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  • CP400™ Select Carbon Crossbow arrow
  • CP400™ Select Carbon Crossbow Arrows - 6pk

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CenterPoint’s Select Carbon Arrows are carefully crafted for the CP400 specifically and are the only approved arrow for use with it. In addition to their carbon shafts, these arrows utilize a reinforced nock collar and a brass insert to ensure this arrow exceeds expectations.

With the addition of 100 grain field points (sold separately), these 400 grain crossbow arrows fly straight and true thanks to their 2” blazer vanes. With their half-moon nocks, energy is transferred efficiently from the CP400 to the arrow.

Take your best shot today.

CenterPoint Select Carbon Arrows

The high-speed crossbows of today shoot arrows with an incredible amount of velocity. That’s why CenterPoint designed these arrows to withstand the strain of speeds over 400 fps for a dependable, accurate shot every time. Combined with our crossbow technology, you’ll be ready for any target, whether on the range or in the field.

These top-tier crossbow arrows feature:

  • 20-Inch LengthSpecially designed for the CP400 and compatible with crossbows that utilize 20-inch arrows with a non-proprietary half-moon nock.
  • 400-Grain WeightWhen fitted with 100 grain field points, these 400-grain crossbow arrows maximize accuracy and range while still packing a punch.
  • 2-Inch Blazer VanesEvery shaft utilizes 2” delta-shaped Blazer vanes for increased stability in flight.
  • High-Performance Carbon ShaftThe CP400 Select Carbon Arrows are manufactured from top-notch carbon material to fly true and hit hard.
  • .003” Straightness ToleranceEach arrow shares a uniform shaft straightness to within .003 inches for a precise and consistent shooting experience.
  • Compatible With DEADPOINT™ BroadheadsBearing two razor sharp blades and offering a 2-inch cutting diameter, CenterPoint’s 100-grain mechanical DEADPOINT™ Broadheads are the perfect fit for these arrows.


CP400™ Select Carbon Arrows - 6pk

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Not complaining...
Todd H - 12/21/22

Not sure what the difference is from the "standard" arrows, other than the color and price. That said they flew true while zeroing my CP400. Mine came with fieldpoints. (Thanks Centerpoint!)


CP400™ Select Carbon Arrows - 6pk