• Carbon Arrows with Lighted Nock 3pk
  • Carbon Arrows with Lighted Nock 3pk

Carbon Arrows - 3pk


With Lighted Half-Moon Nocks

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  • Carbon Arrows with Lighted Nock 3pk
  • Carbon Arrows with Lighted Nock 3pk

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Light up your target!

Uniquely designed to withstand the immense energy of modern crossbows, CenterPoint’s 3-pack of Carbon Arrows are affixed with lighted nocks for consistent accuracy and effortless retrieval, night or day.

Made of durable carbon material, measuring 20 inches, and guided by 2” Blazer Vanes, these 400-grain arrows (with the addition of 100 grain field points or DEADPOINTTM Broadheads, sold separately) are accurate and dependable.

Take your best shot today.

20” Crossbow Bolts With Lighted Nocks

Modern crossbows shoot with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency than ever before, generating speeds of over 400 fps. That’s why CenterPoint is proud to offer illuminated crossbow arrows specifically manufactured to withstand that incredible force.

Made from high-performance carbon fiber and engineered with laser-like straightness, these 400-grain arrows have lighted nocks, so you can find and retrieve them with ease, night or day.

Specifications include:

  • 20” Crossbow ArrowsCenterPoint Carbon Arrows are designed for crossbows that utilize 20-inch arrows
  • 400-Grain ArrowsThe recommended weight for your CenterPoint crossbow to soar fast and far, each arrow has a 400-grain weight when fitted with a 100-grain field point (sold separately).
  • .003” Straightness ToleranceManufactured with precision and inspected with care, every arrow shaft shares a uniform straightness to within .003 inches for consistent accuracy every time.
  • Lighted Half-Moon NockThese glowing nocks are half-moon shaped to prevent the string from slipping above or below the arrow during firing. By keeping the string centered on the arrow, energy is transferred more efficiently from the bow during release.
  • 2” Blazer VanesDelta-shaped vanes which stabilize the arrow in flight and provide spin to the arrow for increased accuracy.
  • Compatible With DEADPOINT™ BroadheadsDEADPOINT Broadheads by CenterPoint are a classic, mechanical crossbow broadhead with 2 blades and 100-grain weight. They have a slim profile during flight, and deploy to a 2-inch cutting diameter on impact for exceptional penetration.


Carbon Arrows - 3pk

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Crooked fletching
Brandon - 12/13/22

Every one of the 6 arrows had issues with the fletching. Customer service is a joke, they don’t respond or pick up. Obviously their quality control isn’t a thing, because they don’t ensure their products are right.


Carbon Arrows - 3pk