• Crossbow Arrows 20-Inch - 2020
  • Crossbow Arrows 20-Inch - 2020

Carbon Arrows - 6pk


20” Crossbow Arrows

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  • Crossbow Arrows 20-Inch - 2020
  • Crossbow Arrows 20-Inch - 2020

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Designed to withstand the immense energy of modern crossbows, CenterPoint’s 3-pack of Carbon Arrows are affixed with half-moon nocks.

Made of durable carbon material, guided by 2” blazer vanes, and weighing 400 grains with the addition of 100 grain field points (sold separately), these 20” arrows are powerful, accurate, and dependable.

Take your best shot today.

20” Crossbow Arrows

Modern crossbow technology has resulted in greater power and speed consistency than ever before, capable of shooting at speeds of over 400 fps. That’s why CenterPoint is proud to offer arrows specifically manufactured to withstand the incredible energies of high-powered crossbows.

Carefully balanced for power and accuracy, these top-notch carbon arrows feature:

  • 20-Inch LengthCenterPoint Carbon Arrows are designed for crossbows that utilize 20-inch crossbow arrows.
  • 400-Grain WeightManufactured with the ideal weight for your CenterPoint crossbow, each arrow weighs in at 400 grains when fitted with 100 grain field points (sold separately).
  • .003-Inch Straightness ToleranceManufactured with precision and inspected with care, every arrow shaft shares a uniform straightness to within .003 inches, to ensure you achieve consistent accuracy every time.
  • Half-Moon NockThe CenterPoint Carbon Arrow 6-pack comes with preinstalled half-moon nocks, shaped to prevent the string from slipping above or below the arrow during firing. This means consistent string to nock contact.
  • 2-Inch Blazer VanesLong enough to improve accuracy, yet short enough to avoid too much drag, every 20-inch crossbow arrow also comes fletched with delta-shaped Blazer vanes which provide stability and spin to the arrow.
  • Compatible With DEADPOINT™ BroadheadsDEADPOINT™ Broadheads by CenterPoint are a classic, mechanical crossbow broadhead with 2 blades and 100-grain weight. They have a slim profile during flight, and deploy to a 2-inch cutting diameter on impact for exceptional penetration.


Carbon Arrows - 6pk

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Poor packaging
Buck Hunter - 11/14/21

Someone needs to look at the way you are packaging your bolts! The ones that came with my xbow had the vanes jammed in the cardboard holder leaving them bent and crooked and not flying straight, the box of six I got had 3 crammed in the the bottom leaving the vanes in the same shape as the ones that came with my xbow. The ones that were not bent fly great, tack driving straight. How about a little QC in the packing dept.


Carbon Arrows - 6pk