Bowhunter’s Gift Guide: Best Bows Under $800

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the bowhunter in your life, then look no further. Here are seven bows under $800 that will hit the mark this holiday season. 

For The Experienced Crossbow Hunter


CP400™ Crossbow - $699.99

This bow is guaranteed to bring home the venison. The CP400 is the flagship CenterPoint crossbow, combining the power, accuracy, and features that regularly command two- to three- times the price. With 400 foot-per-second speeds and 142 foot-pounds of energy — all at an affordable price — you’re sure to stop that buck in its tracks. 

To sweeten the deal, for a limited time we’re offering this crossbow at $100 off and including a free soft case, Deadpoint™ broadheads, and free shipping. Interested in the CP400 with Silent Crank ($799.99)? That one is available as part of the same package deal, too. Add either crossbow to your cart, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Wrath™ 430 Crossbow - $649.99

Speed, power, and accuracy hit the target in this new-for-2021 crossbow. The Wrath is designed for close-quarters hunting and ultimate stealth. It’s our smallest crossbow at just 28.26” long, and 13” wide uncocked and 9” cocked and ready to fire. With the release behind the trigger, this bullpup style bow gains the benefits of a longer power stroke — more push for more speed!

Not sold yet? The Wrath 430 comes with a complete accessory package: 4x32mm illuminated scope, three 20” 400-grain carbon arrows with field points, detachable quiver, and rope cocker.


Pulse™ 425 Crossbow - $499.99

The folding stock and folding stirrup make the Pulse 425 extremely packable. At under 26” long with stock folded or 36” extended, the Pulse is perfect for backcountry hunters and those taking the less-traveled path. When you’re ready to take aim, simply unfold the stock to unleash this bow’s proper shooting mechanics and power. Keep your position with our Whisper Silencing System, complete with limb dampeners, string stops, and two string silencers. Coupled with 425 foot-per-second speed and 160 foot-pounds of energy, you’ll shoot with buck-stopping power, speed, and accuracy. 

The Pulse is just 15.75” wide un-cocked or 12” ready to fire. At under $500, the Pulse 425 comes with a complete accessory package: 4x32mm illuminated scope, three 20” 400-grain carbon arrows with field points, detachable quiver, and rope cocker.

For the Recurve Hunter


Aspen Recurve Hunting Bow - $119.99

If you’re buying for a bowhunter who prefers a more traditional approach, then the Aspen Recurve Hunting Bow is the right choice. Featuring an African cherry, maple, rosewood, white oak, and greenwood laminated riser with a modern limb-pocket design, this bow has flawless beauty and is built for strength. Draw lengths are up to 29”, with a 7.25 to 8.25” brace height, and 45-pound draw weight. 

For Youth Bowhunters


Sentinel Recurve Bow - $39.99

This youth recurve bow makes the perfect present for the pre-teen, intermediate, or smaller framed youth archers in your life. Nurturing the next generation of hunters is a big responsibility, and you want to set them up for success so they can enjoy the hunt for years to come. Featuring a low draw weight of 20 pounds, young archers can build confidence and skill with this bow. 

Elkhorn Compound Bow-1

Elkhorn Compound Bow - $49.99

The CenterPoint Elkhorn is an easy-to-use compound bow ideal for pre-teen, intermediate, or smaller framed youth archers. With a low draw weight of only 15 pounds and 65% let-off, young archers can build confidence, skills, and proficiency in their target practice.

For the Bowfisher


Typhon™ Bowfishing Package - $299.00

Bowfishing, a rapidly growing sport among outdoor enthusiasts, is made unquestionably better with the Typhon bow. Perfect for newbies and experienced bowfishers alike, the Typhon comes with adjustable draw weights ranging from 15 to 55 pounds and draw lengths of 19 to 29”. The package comes with a spin-cast reel, adjustable to your preference of left or right-handed retrieve; a double-locking aluminum reel seat; 100-pound test Dyneema® line; 33” fiberglass arrow with quick-release carp tip; Cajun™ ACS slide system; a Whisker Biscuit™ with durable aluminum casing; and a set of rubberized finger savers for a sure grip on the string. This high-quality package with top-of-the-line components is everything you need to bring in your catch.

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