Adventure into the Wilds of Canada with CenterPoint Product Manager, Kevin Casey

Outfitted with the Wrath™ 430 and his lifelong friend by his side—embark on an epic bear hunt with Kevin Casey into the vast Canadian wilderness.

Here at CenterPoint, hunting is our way of life. Harnessing our skill, grit, and determination to harvest the game we pursue. It’s in our blood and what brings us together, as members of an indomitable crew. This mantra was the catalyst for CenterPoint Product Manager, Kevin Casey, as he embarked on an unforgettable journey with lifelong friends during a once-in-a-lifetime bear hunt in rural Quebec, Canada last June.

In this blog, Kevin walks us through what made this hunt one he’ll never forget. Equipped with the CenterPoint Wrath™ 430, which is specifically designed for close-quarters hunting and ultimate stealth, Kevin was able to utilize the speed and accuracy to secure his harvest in the form of a 250 lb bear. Designed by hunting enthusiasts, like Kevin, this stealth bullpup crossbow comes equipped with the innovative technology and features you need to stay confident in your shot. The perfect choice for venturing into the backwoods with confidence. Read on to learn more about this incredible hunt from Kevin himself.

How did you outfit your group with CenterPoint? Outfitted with the CenterPoint Wrath 430, CenterPoint lighted carbon arrows, and Ravin Steel Broadheads, we embarked on this unforgettable hunt.

Set the backdrop for this once-in-a-lifetime hunt for our readers. This bear hunt took place at Mekoos Lodge in Mont-Laurier, Quebec Canada. The property encompasses a 346 km squared hunting area about 2 hours northwest of Montreal (7.5 hrs from home and a border crossing) and was used as our base camp for the week.

Our guide, Alin De Pierre, was incredible and his knowledge of the vast wilderness area and its bears was remarkable! That man could recognize the subtlest of disturbances in bait areas and identify which of the bears (off the many trail cameras) made those marks. Making my third bear hunt even more memorable was being able to share the stand on the evening of my kill with my lifelong friend Les Agan. Les was the one who introduced me to hunting many years back. This was Les’ first bear hunt and he too had a very successful hunt.

What stands out about the day you pulled the trigger? The weather was cool for June, and our Thermacels helped keep the mosquitoes at bay. The stand was about a 25-minute drive back into the wilderness via old logging roads to a location called Lac Oscar. This was one of many pristine bodies of water scattered through the vast wilderness of the Mekoos property. Our mornings were spent fishing for amazingly beautiful brook trout and walleye from the nearby lakes. Mekoos manages the many lakes by keeping fishing pressure low and rotating the frequency of their use.

What were the specs of this bear? My bear tipped the scales at just about 250 lbs and had a score of 17 1/8", while not a record book bear, the hunt will always be one of my fondest memories.

casey bear image