7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Crossbow

Choosing the right crossbow for you will depend on what you need and want. Bows range in price from $200 up to over $3,000, and that makes picking “the best” a daunting task. The good news is that CenterPoint Archery offers a great selection of options that blend both quality and affordability. 

The following categories will help you decide what’s best for you.

1. Budget

Picking a price point that’s comfortable for you will do a lot to help you narrow down your options. While you’ll definitely get more bow for more money — accessories, power, size, and more — much of what you’ll be paying for is faster speeds and a smaller, lighter frame. 

CenterPoint crossbows hit the nail on the head across categories, boasting ultra-compact widths and speeds in excess of 400 FPS, with over 15 different crossbows to choose from, ranging in MSRP from $189.99 for the Tyro Crossbow Package to $949.99 for our flagship crossbow, the CP400 with silent crank

2. Local Hunting Regulations

Next, consider your local hunting regulations, which vary state by state, by draw weights or limb widths. If you’re not sure about the hunting regulations in your area, check out this nationwide guide to crossbow hunting.

Country rocker Tim Montana hoists turkey in the air after a successful turkey hunt

Roughneck rocker Tim Montana harvested a turkey this past spring with the all-new Wrath 430. 

3. Pursuit

What do you plan to hunt using this crossbow? If you’re not sure – or have multiple answers – you’re in luck! CenterPoint crossbows can be used for bear, deer, turkey, elk and small game. 

The biggest factors to consider for pursuits are feet per second and kinetic ratings, especially for larger game like bear and elk. For instance, according to Easton, a 400-grain arrow traveling at the glacial speed of 170 feet-per-second has sufficient energy to harvest a mature deer. 

Here’s a guide to help you in your selection: 

  • Small Game (rabbit, groundhog, etc.): < 25 ft. lbs 
  • Medium Game (deer, antelope, etc.): 25-41 ft. lbs 
  • Large Game (elk, black bear, wild boar, etc.): 42-65 ft. lbs 
  • Toughest Game (cape buffalo, grizzly, musk ox): > 65 ft. lbs 

Although the above is meant to be a general guide, you’ll want to keep in mind the distance you’re comfortable shooting from in order to secure an ethical harvest. 

4. Ease of Use

Whether you’re cranking or cocking your crossbow sled, ease of use is important. Some higher-end crossbows offer integrated cranking systems, but this can drive up the cost.

Our CP400 and Wrath™ 430 have their own unique cranking device or can be cocked by hand. We also offer an accessory Power Draw crank system that works with most CenterPoint crossbows and reduces crossbow draw weight by up to 70 percent.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos on each crossbow model and to learn about the different cocking mechanisms. 


The CP400 comes with a 3x32mm illuminated scope and boasts 400 foot-per-second speed and 142 foot-pounds of energy power.

5. Sights

Do you already own bow sights, or are you looking to purchase some? All of CenterPoint’s crossbows come complete with a 4x32mm optic. Some have dual illumination as well. The CP400, specifically, comes with a 3x32mm scope that’s calibrated to work in conjunction with the cam system and arrows provided in the kit. You also always have the option to purchase an aftermarket scope.

6. Safety

When considering a crossbow, look into the safety features. All CenterPoint crossbows come with a safety and anti-dry fire built into the trigger assemblies. We also include string stops on all our bows and, for the most part, full containment finger guards.  

7. Technology

Technology can make for some cool add-ons to modern crossbows. CenterPoint strives to be feature-rich and value-driven. Our bows have a worry-free arrow retention system that utilizes a ball bearing for consistency shot after shot. In our CP400, you’ll see our patented HeliCoil™ technology, a revolutionary technology that allows for perfectly balanced rotating cams, resulting in an incredibly compact bow with exceptional downrange accuracy.

Now that you’ve got your list for the perfect crossbow, head on over to CenterPoint and get ready to hunt! We have quality, affordable crossbows at every price point.